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Pointers for Keeping Your Car Interior Cool

Nothing is as stressful as driving a car that is almost overheating. It is vital to learn how to keep your vehicle cool during the hot days. The heat in your car can be caused by external factors such as the sun or internal issues such as an overheating engine. Here are pointers for keeping your car cool:

Park in the Shade

One of the easiest ways to cool your car is parking in the shade. You should consider parking near trees or in buildings. Doing so protects your vehicle from overheating.

Get Window Shades

If you cannot find shade at all, you should consider using a car window shade. The shade prevents UV rays from entering your car. Most window shades are shiny, and they work by reflecting the sun rays. You can find different types of window shades or request customized ones that work for your model. Put the window shade on the windscreen and ensure that no portion is left uncovered.

Tint Your Windows

Tinting your windows is the best way to keep heat out of your car. When you tint your windows, you prevent the UV rays and keep your vehicle cool. If you want to protect your car windows and keep your car cool, you should consult an automotive window tint service immediately.

Cover Your Seats and Steering Wheel

When your seats absorb sunlight, they will release the heat when you are driving. This is a significant problem for cars with seats made of leather or vinyl materials. It is wise to cover them with a throw blanket when parking to prevent heat absorption. Also, you need to cover your steering wheel with a hand towel to minimize contact temperature.

Drive with Your Windows Down

view from the car window

It is advisable to drive with your windows down to let hot air out. This allows fresh air in which will, in turn, cool your car. Opening your windows promotes air circulation.

Use a Solar-powered Fan

If your car is so hot that even opening windows won’t help, you need to consider using a solar-powered fan. The fan dismisses hot air from the vehicle to keep it cool. This technique effectively lowers the temperature in your car within a short period.

Watch the Temperature Gauge

When driving, you should check the temperature gauge regularly to ensure that the arrow is pointing toward the center. If it indicates too much heat, you might need to stop the car and allow it to cool. The gauge is often found on the dashboard.

Use Appropriate Engine Coolant

If an overheating engine causes the heat in your vehicle, you need to use an engine coolant. The coolant reservoir is found in the hood. Check the level of the coolant by observing the indicator lines. If it’s low, you need to add engine coolant. Doing so can help you maintain the desired temperature.

You don’t need to sacrifice your comfort by driving an overheating car. It is essential to take the necessary measures to keep your car cool during hot days. The pointers in this guide are useful, and you should consider applying them.

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