Employee Satisfaction: How to Reduce Employee Turnover

Employees only wish that their supervisors and managers value them as individuals. It encourages them to perform better and contributes to retention and satisfaction. If you own a business, you can use different approaches to manage your employees well and improve their overall productivity for better performance.

Here are the reasons companies should take better care of their employees:

  • Increased Productivity

Your employees will be more likely loyal and productive if you take care of them. If the team feels that you value them and acknowledge their efforts into the company’s development, they’ll want to perform better because they’re satisfied.

You can’t have loyal employees if you treat them as disposables. You also can’t ask them to perform better if you’re not giving back to them. Hence, you should make them feel appreciated if you want to increase overall employee loyalty and productivity,

  • Stronger Relationships

If your employees often need to interact with customers, that’s another sufficient reason to treat them with respect. Your employees are responsible for instilling your company’s brand image into the hearts of your customers, but they can’t do that if they aren’t satisfied with their workplace. If you treat them with kindness, your employees will also believe in the company’s values more than anyone.

In fact, they’ll be more satisfied to be a representative of a company that knows how to take care of their people properly. That will lead to happier employees performing better and going above and beyond on their tasks without asking them to do that. Lastly, they’ll be able to cater to your customers in a more profound sense.

  • Lower Cases of Leaves

One part of running your business is maintaining the overall well-being of the employees working for you. That means organizing wellness programs that they can use to relieve stress and keeping a clean environment. Doing these will contribute to a healthy office in terms of maintaining their mental and physical well-being. You’ll also notice that your team will not need a lot of sick leaves if you take care of them properly.

It can affect your daily performance and productivity if many employees are sick. If they opt to work even if they’re sick, they’ll increase the chances of other people getting ill and delivering low-quality work for the day.

  • Higher Retention Rates

Your company’s retention rates refer to the number of people who have stayed in the team for more than a year or since your restaurant franchise started. It would be best to be mindful of this because it’ll affect your company’s reputation. Not all modern employees will want to jump from one company to another. Most employees wish for stability from the managers they’re working for, but the work environment can force them to leave.

If you treat them with respect throughout their stay, they’ll never leave. If you notice that your company has low retention rates, try giving your employees the right incentives and salary. It’s an excellent strategy if you want to increase your company’s retention rate.

How You Can Take Care of the Team


You have to acknowledge your employees’ achievements to keep your company at the top of the competition. It’ll improve overall performance. Here’s how to keep your employees motivated and create harmony in the workplace:

  • Open Communication

Implement an open-door policy in the office to encourage your employees to approach their supervisors or managers, allowing them to discuss internal conflicts. In turn, you have to instruct supervisors or managers to stay in touch with them regularly to provide constructive criticism and motivate the team. It’ll help them correct unprofessional acts.

Lastly, make sure that the employees know the organization’s structure to minimize any misunderstanding and help the team determine who reports to whom.

  • Recognition

You’ll need recognition ceremonies, including employee-of-the-month awards or annual award ceremonies, to acknowledge the people who performed the most on their daily duties. Your employees are more likely to appreciate the company if their supervisors or managers recognize their achievements.

  • Career Growth

Offering job promotions will help a company improve performance and earn the team’s loyalty. Your employees are more likely to be in their best condition if they can envision a bright path ahead of them. It would help if you didn’t only direct your focus on day-to-day duties that offer no chance to advance or excel.

Give the employees ample opportunities to broaden their capabilities and further honing their technical skills. You can do that by providing updated training manuals or investing in educational training programs.

  • Organized Ambiance

Maintain the office’s cleanliness and professional ambiance for the team to have peace of mind while working. Hire a cleaning company to maintain the overall property and tell your employees to keep their desks neat. Your staff members are more likely to perform better in a clean office than in a cluttered one. Make sure they have a well-lit break room and designate an outdoor smoking area if necessary.

Wise business managers always prioritize their employees. Doing that makes the team feel like a valued member of the organization instead of a tool. If you want them to feel valued, give the right salary, incentive, and benefit for their achievements.

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