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Taking Good Care of the Elderly amid the Pandemic

It has been more than a year already since COVID-19 started a crisis. It already took more than 4 million lives worldwide, and sadly, fatalities are still rising. The worst part is the appearance of new variants, and they seem to be more infectious.

Unfortunately, people older than 60 years remain to be the most vulnerable. That is according to the World Health Organization. It’s worrying, especially if you have elders at home that you need to take care of. How will you make sure that they’re safe from the harm brought to us by the pandemic?

Giving your time to your elders may be enough. But since the pandemic will be lingering for quite some time, you have to protect your elders more. Here are some tips you can consider to ensure your elders’ welfare amidst the pandemic.

See if working from home is an option

A lot of jobs have adapted to this new setup. Working from home seemed to be safer rather than exposing yourself every day outside. CDC said that the Delta variant is more contagious. You don’t want to bring the virus inside your home and infect your elders. That’s why if your company offers a work-from-home setup, you should grab it.

Another advantage of working from home is you’ll have more time to look after your elders. You can attend to their requests and respond to them if they’re in danger. When you spend less time outside, it could help protect your elders from the virus.

Get them vaccinated

If your elders haven’t taken it yet, it’s about time for them to get the COVID-19 shot. As previously stated, seniors are the most vulnerable to the disease. Let us not risk their safety and get them vaccinated as soon as possible.

If they happen to be hesitant, set an example to them by getting the COVID-19 shot too. Make the whole family get the vaccine. This can encourage the elders in your household to get themselves protected. Make them understand that getting the vaccine doesn’t only protect them; it can also protect the lives that take care of them.

Take care of their mental health

Since your elders will stay inside the house, they’re most likely to feel loneliness and isolation. They’re just like us. This pandemic has made most people feel alone while in quarantine; it’s no different for the elders. This is why you need to take good care of their mental health, too.

Kill their boredom by doing things your elders love doing the most. Let your children play with them. Make your elders learn new skills. You can also allot time and do things they’ve always wanted to try. Maybe they can get into baking or gardening. Watch old movies with them and prepare them their favorite food. These are just some things you can do to make them feel comforted. Doing these can somehow ease their feelings of isolation.

Get a helping hand

Some circumstances require you to focus on work. These circumstances may limit your time to spend with your elders. You won’t be able to monitor them all the time if your work schedule is hectic. Not to mention some other things may also be happening in your own life.

This may be an excellent time to get a helping hand. You can entrust your elders to a dependable relative who can live with you. You want to ensure that your relative has limited time outside the house to avoid contracting the virus. Getting help from someone you trust to take care of your elders can give you peace of mind.

You can also try to reach out to a hospice care facility and check out your options. This way, aside from being safe from hazards, your elders’ health can be closely monitored by the staff in the facility. Places like these always prioritize the elders’ health, especially in times of a pandemic.

Have them visit their doctor for check-ups

If they are not yet ready to part ways with you, you can instead make time to accompany them to their doctor’s office. Your elders would need regular check-ups to maintain their health. Check-ups can also protect them from health risks people their age are very vulnerable to. Free your schedule for their doctor’s appointments. It’s a way to ensure their safety, too, while traveling and being exposed outside.

The older adults in your household may not be able to protect themselves anymore. You can help by taking good care of their health and mental well-being. Living in a global crisis like this, we should not take everything for granted.

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