Signs Your Employees Are Unproductive and How You Can Help Them

The workforce is an integral part of any business. They are the primary reason your business runs. That’s why their problems reflect on you as a business owner. Let’s examine some of the signs that show you have unproductive employees and associates.

Perhaps the first sign you should notice is that they complain a lot. It’s normal to have some inputs on things, and it’s okay to have negative feedback sometimes. However, it becomes a problem when the complaining becomes excessive.

Excessive complaining can mean a lot of things, but none of them is good. It could be that your employees and associates are not able to find solutions to the problems. Or maybe, they’re not looking for solutions at all.

Watch out if they’re constantly making excuses. It’s simply another tactic they use to waste time instead of focusing on changing and improving. For example, they can arrive late for work, again and again, only to name all the reasons possible. Instead, they could have just prepared better to arrive earlier.

It would be best if you monitor your employees’ moods. Those who are unproductive have low drive. Their energies are constantly waning, and they don’t have the passion. That’s mainly why they end up procrastinating, too. Be aware of employees who tend to procrastinate. Procrastinators are bad for business. They work slowly if they ever decide to work at all. And the results they deliver are just for the sake of giving an output. They are usually barely passable.

Now, you can’t just go around firing anybody who doesn’t perform as well as you expect them, too. It would help if you weren’t delivering lectures here and there, either. Instead, you need to figure out what you can do to help your employees and associates work better. Here are some ideas you can use.

Keep a Clean Working Environment

clean office

One of the reasons employees and associates can’t focus is that their working space is too cluttered. Remember, a messy table reflects the users’ state of mind. This could mean that they’re doing less work because they are worried or have too much to think about.

A cluttered workspace will also take away from their energy and concentration. They won’t be able to find solutions efficiently because they are distracted. So one of the first things you need to do is to restore their focus and attention.

Knowing the importance of cleanliness in the office, some people are starting business ventures by looking into janitorial service franchise opportunities because janitorial services are in demand. Hiring a janitorial service is better and more cost-effective. This way, you don’t have to hire and train your janitors. Instead, you can rely on experts who have the experience, skills, and facilities.

Ambiance and Ventilation

Are you using proper lighting around the office? Too dim lighting can decrease people’s energy levels. On the other hand, too much can give your employees a headache. So how do you strike a balance?

Make sure that your office has a lot of windows. Use sheer curtains to filter the light softly. If there are no windows, paint the space with brighter colors such as yellow or light green. Veer away from direct light. Instead, have it bound off walls or ceilings. Just remember the simple rule: have ample lighting.

Also, remember how important the quality of air must be around the office. Make sure that your air vents are open and not obstructed. Regularly replace your air filters, too. This will not only make a better environment but a healthier one, too!

Delegate Properly

Delegation is not just a simple process of choosing who does what. There’s a lot of thought that must go through each delegation. The reason is that you want to match the employee with the right task. Otherwise, they will struggle to try to do the impossible.

Managers and other superior officers have to tackle delegation with cleverness. They must also be aware of the strengths and weaknesses of each employee. This way, they can delegate the job to the right person.

When the right person gets a hold of an assignment, they will achieve it with less difficulty. Their skills and experience make them capable of finishing the job with flying colors. On the other hand, the wrong employee will probably suffer and cut corners.

Productivity in the workplace can define how efficient and how good the results of the business will be. In fact, in many cases, it makes or breaks a company. Ensure that your employees and associates are productive by ensuring their workspaces are clean, the office has good ambiance and ventilation, and that work is being probably delegated.

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