Upgrade Your Home with These 5 Interior Design Trends

These days, practicality is king. This remains true for home design. The form is sacrificed for the sake of function — plain walls dominate rooms, and furniture tends to be more angled and structural, which makes for a cold and dull home environment. However, simple changes can improve the mood in your home.   Here are some interior design ideas to upgrade your living quarters:

Curved Furniture

Add a bit of calm and softness to your home by contrasting the edges of walls and the rigidity of the shapes of your appliances with curved furniture. Opt for round coffee tables and curved sofas for a more relaxed design. To push the playfulness further, decorate your home with vases and curved shelves — both of which can serve as containers or organizers for other elements in your home. 

Dark Browns

dark brown kitchen interior design

-Dark browns work well on both bright and warm lighting. Because of its shade, it blends well with yellow lighting (think coffee shop mood lighting). At the same time, its darkness can also provide a stark contrast to the usual white or pastel-colored walls. To introduce dark browns to your home, opt for wooden tables and shelves. The once-undesired dark wood will be enjoying a resurgence, and for a good reason: Its timeless elegance adds richness and stability to any color scheme.

Steel Ornaments

If you're feeling fancy, add some movement to your home by introducing a variety of ornamental steel products. Because of steel's malleability, you can transform your chosen steel products to match the mood that you're going for. Aside from adding form, you can also repaint your steel products to fit your room's color scheme. If you want more movement and creativity in your living space, you can replace your stairs' dark, straight steel fence with intricately fabricated steel designs, and your dark wooden picture frames with carved and golden steel. 

Gallery Walls

Speaking of frames, you can also upgrade your home by putting up a carefully curated selection of framed art on your walls. Gallery walls add more depth and richness to your home compared to a singular piece because the individual artworks connect with each other and create a combined mood. This way, your guests will have a variety of things to look at.

Color Blocking

White floating staircase design with wooden background

Not a fan of putting up art pieces on walls? You can still add some color to your home by combining different shades on your walls instead. Paint your walls with bright, contrasting colors like blue and orange to introduce vibrancy and energy, or try painting rows of different shades of green for a calming effect. If you're unsure about which colors to pair with each other, you can always refer to color scheme generators online.

Sometimes, all you need is a little change to improve your living space. Upgrading your home and elevating your rooms' overall mood isn't that hard. All you need to do is introduce the right elements to your design — think color change, experimental forms, or a striking accent piece.

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