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An Overview of Siding Designs That You Could Utilize in Your Home

Getting the best exterior look for your home requires a choice of several elements. While most people will pay attention to their exterior paint colors and landscape, few think that the doors, gutters, windows, and siding of a house impact its exterior look.

A poor choice of any of these elements will nonetheless muddle the entire exterior look you might have labored so hard to put together. It is thus essential to pick the best designs for these elements. Prompt siding, gutter and entry, and garage door repair in your Salt Lake City home are also essential to keep the elements in top shape.

The siding, for instance, will boost your curb appeal and protect your exteriors from water damage from rainwater and melting snow. This will nonetheless only become possible if you pick the right profile for your siding. The following are your home’s siding design alternatives.

Clapboard Siding

This popular classic siding option comprises long narrow boards that will be horizontally installed on your house. Though initially available in wood alone, clapboard siding is now available in fiber cement and vinyl. Clapboard siding profiles range from 6-10’’ for wood and 4-5’’ for vinyl.

Even so, there exist vinyl profiles in 7-8’’. Clapboard siding is the cheapest though the exact costs of your siding depend on the insulation and material you choose.

Dutch Lap Siding

This is at times considered a variant of clapboard siding though it has a groove or notch on its top board unlike in the latter’s design. The notches will generate a shadow line that will add an interesting design element to your exteriors.

The profiles for Dutch lap siding are the same as those of clapboard though this design is more expensive compared to the latter owing to the extra time taken to make the notch.

Shakes and Shingle Siding

This is a premium siding style associated with the Victorian-era and New England architecture styles. Shakes and shingle siding style comes in several profiles and is available in staggered or straight bottom styles.

The staggered bottom style gives a hand-cut wood appearance while the straight one gives properties a clean exterior look. This siding style is more expensive compared to Dutch lap or clapboard styles since it takes time to install.

To minimize its costs without sacrificing your property’s look, you can opt to mix the shakes and shingle siding with other styles.

Scallop Siding

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This is mostly used as an accent and is used in the triangle peaks of your home and areas other than your walls. Scallop siding is typically used in Victorian style homes though it suffices for different architectural designs. It generally has no profile variations.

This siding style is the most costly and is thus frequently used in a few areas and mixed with another siding style.

You can further boost the look of your siding from the ones above with a few decorative accents. Shutters are among the most common and cheapest decorative accents you have for your siding. For homeowners who want their exteriors’ sidings to match that of their landscape, it is prudent to pick the same contractor for the installation of your windows, gutters, doors and siding.

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