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How You Can Help Promote a Positive and Healthy Work Environment

Mental health has been a sensitive issue this decade. Unfortunately, not all companies provide allowances for struggling workers. Well, at the end of the day, it is a business and not a charity. While that is true, there are still ways to help and support your employees. After all, kindness and compassion are two things that can go far for everyone.

Gone are the days when baby boomers in the workplace would scoff at those who are vocal about what they are going through. Gone are the days when older staff would invalidate younger ones with their favorite phrase, “Back in our day”. Today, workers’ mental health is one of the top factors in successful recruitment and onboarding. It is quite refreshing to know that today’s work environment is leaning towards positivity, diversity, and exclusivity.

If you are one of these progressive companies, here are substantial ways you can help your struggling employees. The following things would also work well in the long run, so it is a smart investment both for your employees and the business.

Partner Up with Health and Wellness Services

Most of the time, burnout is the main reason for employees’ unproductivity and mediocrity. While it is not your responsibility to drag them up to their feet, you can encourage them by providing them with health and wellness opportunities. Your company can partner up with fitness centers and spas that will give your employees exclusive perks. It will help relieve their stress and take their minds off of things on weekends. By doing so, you are marketing your products or service to the other entity as well. Whatever nature your company is in, it works in two ways. It is not called a partnership for no reason, thus, making it a win-win situation. You are providing your staff a chance to unwind, and you are also getting potential patrons and clients from your partner.

If the circumstances would also allow you, you can look into a home healthcare franchise. You can expand and jump into the franchise to help out your employees who are struggling to juggle their lives as children to their aging parents and professional workers in the office. By doing so, you are helping them focus more on their jobs, hence boosting their productivity.

Give an Onsite Opportunity

Back in 2019, this would have been a different item. It would have been “Go with Remote and Flexible Working”, but after almost two years of working from home, there is a loud cry over social media (especially LinkedIn) about office work appreciation. Sure enough, working from home is not for everyone. After all, people are built as social creatures ever since the time of evolution. Now that boundaries at home and work have been blurred, it is quite difficult to draw a line between your bedtime and working on your bed.

Don’t be shy. Most people do that, and it does feel good working while you are in bed. However, it ruins your body clock, and instead of being conditioned to go to sleep once you are in bed. Your body is confused about whether or not to go to bed or work. Moreover, there are countless house responsibilities that you cannot escape and affect your work routine.

For example, parents with their unmanageable kids, and even young professionals living with their parents. Regardless, working from home yields flexibility but at the same time provides another level of distraction. At least, you are conditioned to work and focus when you are in the office. The only distraction you would have is your workmates, urgent emails, and memes.

Encourage Collaboration and Innovation

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When you are running a business and managing teams, it is important to allow individuality and chance to step up. Employees tend to function and perform better when they are given responsibilities that they know they can handle. There are even people who rise to the occasion when they are presented with lost cause challenges.

The Google team is famous for encouraging collaboration, flexibility, and innovation. Look at where they are now. Google is one of the biggest brand names of all time, and not just in their industry. That is only one proof of how far collaboration and innovation can go.

When you are managing people, it is important to promote and encourage a positive and healthy work environment. When talents are nurtured and pushed beyond their capabilities, they tend to be the most valuable investment you can ever make. After all, your people would always be your pipeline to success.

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